'Teresa Tullar's Music Studio' has a welcoming environment for both piano and guitar students to learn in; a quality grand piano which piano students take their lessons on and an extensive collection of learning games, digital resources, and activities for young and older musicians, alike.

Students love playing on the studio iPads with the music apps. They enjoy learning theory and are eager to answer my questions. Most of the time, parents have to drag their younger kids out of the studio… that’s just how much they love their lessons!

I'm a very experienced, enthusiastic, fun-loving contemporary teacher. I've implemented an all-new piano method series in my studio and several awesome iPad music apps that are great for skill-building with sight-reading and learning rhythm and connects me with my students. These have been met with rave reviews! 

'Teresa Tullar's Music Studio' offers a stress-free, enjoyable (but, at the same time, challenging) environment for students to learn in. 'Fun plus progress' is a win-win!

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  • PIANO / Keyboard - Beginner to Advanced lessons
  • GUITAR - Beginner to Intermediate 

~ A bit about me: I'm a wife of 40 years; I have six grown children and 15 beautiful grandchildren (and counting!)
I home schooled my children for 27 years from K-12th.
I thrill to teaching music to students of all ages! ~

My studio is filled with students ranging in age from 3 years to 80+ .  

  It's NEVER too late to begin! 

I'm also a trusted member of Thumbtack  - I'm the 'right pro' for you or your child!